About us

Providing customers with great service and a finished product they love is why Fair and Square Property Maintenance exists.

Fair and Square Property Maintenance is a young business, but with a professional career spanning nearly 30 years in highly customer focused service industries, I became frustrated with the lack of service I was receiving as a customer from various trades-people and other property management related suppliers I engaged with.

I possess a true passion for using my hands and handy skills. Skills I mostly acquired through helping, watching and learning from my own Father as a kid. Being able to stand back and look at a completed job with pride and a sense of achievement is what provided the ultimate inspiration to say goodbye to the corporate world.

Fair and Square Property Maintenance is based in the North Western Sydney suburb of North Rocks, with most existing customers located across The Hills District, the Lower North Shore to the Northern Beaches and the Inner West.

Contact Fair and Square Property Maintenance to get help with your next project no matter how big or small.